I'm on vacation and living my dream

July has begun and I feel like every day is a vacation. Why? Because my husband is home almost every day and we have had the best times. With TJ’s new job transition he has now gone part time - BUT it is also July, and most of the church slows down and takes off as a time of rest for the ministry. So he is going in 1-2 days during the week and working from home the other 3 days. I absolutely love having TJ around to do errands with, photo jobs, and take adventurous day trips with. I know Zoe is really loving having both of us home during the day - more play time for her. haha!

These past couple weeks have just made me so thankful for having such a wonderful husband. We have so much fun together and are learning to work together smoothly. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I can do what i love (photography) and do it with my husband. It is a dream. Thank you, Lord!

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