Dublin Dog

Every time we would go to our vet, Baxter Veterinary Clinic, we'd always see this line of dog collars and leashes called 'Dublin Dog'.  Of course the name of the company made me happy as Ireland is very special to TJ & I.  But, besides the name, the quality of them seemed amazing.  Sturdy rubber, waterproof, no stink....sounded pretty great!  Anyway, a few weeks ago at our vet's 1st year Anniversary party, we actually won a raffle prize.  Can you guess what we chose?  You got it, a Dublin Dog collar for our girl Zoe.  We were both very excited as it was also a really pretty one.  Since bringing it home and putting it on Zoe, I was more curious about the company.  One of the best things to find out is that all the products are made in the USA!  Their online presence seems great and they really care about customer satisfaction.  They also have an amazing foundation, Dublin Dog Foundation, which promotes the use of dogs in therapeutic and service roles.  How cool is that?? Another great thing is their regift/recycle program that allows customers to send in old collars (Dublin Dog or not) and they will regift them to dogs in shelters.

So far Zoe seems comfortable with the collar and I love the fact that if she gets it dirty it can be rinsed right off and put back on. :-)  Here are some photos I took of her today sportin' the new Dublin Dog "Shannon" Collar.  Aren't the colors so great?

Photo Copyright: Charlotte Photography
Photo Copyright: Charlotte Photography

Here are some other collars and products that I think are great!

All Style, No Stink Collars

eco-Lucks Collars

eco-Lucks Leashes

Thank you, Dublin Dog, for providing such a wonderful product.  I look forward to trying some more of your products.  Looks like we will need to get our other dog, Finnegan, a collar next! :-)  Big thank you, also, to Baxter Vet, for providing such a fantastic raffle prize. 

If you have a dog, and are looking for quality products that are made in the USA, look no further than Dublin Dog.  I've had fun looking around their site and they even have a blog that focuses on all sorts of fun posts.


  1. Right on Rebekah! Plus, don't forget about The Dublin Dog Foundation. They help to place service/therapy dogs with people in need....awesome!

  2. Another great thing about Dublin Dog is that they are founded, owned, and operated right here in Charlotte, NC! Not only will you be supporting an amazing product and non-profit foundation, but also a local business!


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