Giveaway Winner Announced!!

First off, I must apologize for the delay in choosing the winner on the giveaway.  This weekend flew by and we were out and about for most of it.  I feel terrible and hope you will forgive me.  :-)

So, after using an online random number generator, I have found out who the lucky reader is that wins the beautiful wrap bowl from Bea Tea & Company.

Drum roll please.........

Congratulations to Tia from Two Birds on a Wire!!!!

Thank you, Tia, for being a follower of The Yellow Pepper & Sew Bea!  Please email theyellowpepper@gmail.com with your name & address so you can receive your beautiful bowl.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this months giveaway.  Keep checking back for more great giveaways soon.


Flower Pottin'

First Off, Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the lovely bowl giveaway!  Click here to enter. Winner announced tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was one of my favorite days.  I planted lots of pretty flowers in pots for my deck.  I am creating a nice little spot for us to enjoy the outdoors and relax!

It's so funny how doing yard work, gardening, and weeding were definitely not on my "love" lists growing up.  It felt like a chore and i would have much rather been indoors doing something else creative.  Now that  TJ and I have started gardening, I'm LOVING it!  We were first focused on vegetables and fruits, but yesterday we purchased quite a few flower plans and herbs and I spent the day potting them.  It was so much fun and even better to see them all pretty on our deck.  I like to sit out there in the mornings and eat breakfast now. I've been here 2 years and I have never done this.  It's definitely a new season for me. :-)

I am going to start looking for some patio chairs and an umbrella for our table.  I keep looking on craigslist for that "golden" find!  If you have any leads on some nice chairs and/or an umbrella and base, let me know!

Anyway, here are some iphone photos I took yesterday after I planted my flowers.  I will get out there and take some better photos soon.
Everything we got at Lowes & Sugar Creek Garden Center



Iceland Poppy's.  I call it my ET plant. haha.

Here is the Iceland Poppy in bloom.  I was so excited to see it had blossomed over night!


Coffee Mug Begonias



As mentioned above, we went to Lowes & Sugar Creek Garden Center yesterday.  We had the BEST customer service at both places.  There was a master gardener at Lowes who was so helpful with information about our garden.  She even gave us a website for the York County Master Gardeners.  She said we can get info from the website as well as call them for help and advice throughout the week.  Here is the website, York Master Gardeners.  Because we were looking for something organic and safe to kill some maggots that killed our green beans (blog post on this to come...boo!), she referred us to the Sugar Creek Garden Center down the road.  Wow, it was so much fun and he employees were great.  We found what we needed and got some herbs as well.  I highly recommend this garden center!

Anyway, that was my gardening day yesterday.  I'm sorry it has been over a week since I had posted.  We have been so into the gardening and making Garden Center runs..ha!


Giveaway from Bea Tea & Company

Meet the lovely Beatrice, from Sew Bea and Bea Tea & Company! I am so excited to announce that she is sponsoring our April giveaway.  Beatrice is such a creative young lady who loves to cook, sew, take photos, garden, and ride horses.  She also has her own small business, Bea Tea & Company.  Beatrice creates beautiful wrap bowls and wrap coasters.  They are so colorful and cheerful and would definitely brighten up any home.  She sells her items at her website and they are also for sale in three different stores in the Boone area!

Look at the beautiful, vibrant colors! 
Wrap Coasters (set of 4): $8.50

I love this pattern! (I'm a sucker for anything w/ purple in it)
Large Wrap Bowl: $17

Medium Wrap Bowl: $10

Small Wrap Bowl: $6

Giveaway Time!

I was THRILLED when Beatrice wrote me and said she would like to sponsor a giveaway.  After looking at her creations online, I knew it would be a great fit for The Yellow Pepper.  The bowl she made for the giveaway is so beautiful and I know it will bring a smile to whoever wins it!  Just look how cheerful and colorful it is (and it's Yellow!)

Isn't it so pretty?!

So, I'm sure you are wondering how to enter this giveaway, huh?  Let me tell you!  Here are 5 different ways you can enter the giveaway, please leave a separate comment for each entry!  Please also post your email address in the first entry.

1) Become a google follower of both The Yellow Pepper & Sew Bea and then leave a comment letting me know you are followers. 

2) Visit Bea Tea & Company and let me know what your favorite items are.

3) Become a fan of The Yellow Pepper's fb page.

4) Tweet or fb about this giveaway.

5) Blog about this giveaway and post the link to your blog post.

Winner will be announced Friday morning, April 22!  

Happy Entries!

Farmin' Update

Daily we are adding something to our garden (i mean "farm"), especially since this is the first week.  While running errands on Tuesday, we stopped at the Growers Outlet to check out what they had in the vegetable/ herb area.  We ended up picking up some cucumber plants as well as some chamomile and basil.  I am really excited about growing chamomile and drying the flowers for tea!!  It also makes for a great decoration in the kitchen, especially with it planted in my tea cup planter.  The basil we decided to plant in a glass pitcher that I had found at a thrift store last year.  I love using "non planter" type items.  It makes it look so much more unique and fun.

Look!  One of my hot peppers has sprouted!
Cucumber plant

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Ice Cream, Boutique's & Giveaways!

Today was so much fun!  TJ and I had a couple photo shoots earlier today in Huntersville and then in the South Park area.  Instead of going home in between shoots, we decided to have lunch and do errands.  I love days like this!  One of the shoots we did today was at a really cute clothing boutique called Apricot Lane in the Birkdale Village.  They had such great clothes, including Free People.  I so wanted to try on some of the dresses and tops, but this was not one of those days! :-(  Nevertheless, I am glad to know about this little shop.  I may have to mosey on up there sometime in the future!

The rest of the day consisted of Aldi, The Pizza Peel (great place in Charlotte), Dairy Queen, & Ben & Jerry's.  Yes, I had 2 Ice cream's!!!  My FAVORITE at Dairy Queen is chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on top.  However, every DQ doesn't carry chocolate icecream.  So, when I find one that does, i get some!  Then we remembered it was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's (how could we pass this up?).  I was in heaven!  Below you can see me with my two ice creams. :-)

We arrived right before school was let out, so the lines were SUPER fast.
Here I am with my two treats.  Lucky girl!
THIS is my favorite.  Yummm!
A little self portrait work at our shoot at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. LoL!

Alrighty, so I have some really fun giveaways coming soon!  You will definitely want to keep checking back for when they are posted.  I am excited to venture into giveaways, it's going to be great!

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As I mentioned in a couple earlier posts, we decided that we would build a compost area.  After looking online at all the different ways to build a compost pit or even the compost bins to buy, we decided to make one.  I can't wait to begin using our own compost dirt for our garden!!
TJ cutting the wood to attach to the fencing.
Stapling the stakes to the fencing.
We used zip ties to secure the wood and fencing after stapling each end together.
Our Compost Pile!
Mmmmm, tasty! LoL

I am so loving this whole process.  It is a learning experience FOR SURE.  It makes me excited for next year once we have a whole year of gardening under our belt.

I would be so appreciative if you wouldn't mind voting for The Yellow Pepper at Picket Fence Blogs by clicking on the link below.  One click is all it takes! :-)

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