My 2011 Goals

Many of you probably had an idea in December for what you wanted your 2011 goals to be. Not me. I spent a lot of January praying and thinking about what I would like this new year to mean to me.
What I kept coming up with was the basics. When I say basics, I mean things that I feel I should have learned already. I'm not a person who follows through with personal goals very well. But, after a month into the new year I actually have a desire and longing to fulfill these goals. I feel like the doors have been opened and I am actually preparing to walk through them, instead of looking at them and closing them.

So, these are the goals/ desires that I would like to see myself grow in and accomplish.

• Cultivate Friendships
• Become more health conscious in more areas than just food.
• Eat more salads
• Read more
• Make time for devotions
• Love more
• Become more informed/ increase my knowledge
• Learn Truth

Here's to pursuing 2011!


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