After a crazy week of taxes, photo shoots, editing, and did I mention taxes?...it's always great to hang out with friends.  My adoptive sister, Leah, invited a bunch of us to Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.  Charlotte's very own brewery was celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and it made for the perfect occasion to get together.  I decided to take my camera along to get some great "friend" photos.  In reference to the "adoptive sister" comment above, Leah and I decided that she is a going to be an adopted Woodfin now (does that make sense? lol).  It's always great to adopt a new sister. :-)

Alisha (sister) & Leah (sister)

It's always great hanging out with my brothers, Jacob & Jamison. <3

Josiah (or Brosiah)...he's pretty much a brother too.  The guy in the back, definitely not a brother. ha.

Nicole showing us the attitude that she gave her cell phone carrier. LoL

Leah "Woodfin" Sizemore

 Congratulations, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, for 3 years of business.

Alisha & I - Friends to Sisters

Leah, you look so cute here!

Meet my brother, Jacob.


Alisha, I love you. lol

Fun Shot.


Didn't realize I got so many photos of them.  Guess I think they are cute. :-)

 Pretty positive we are some of the best looking siblings. lol
Thanks, Leah, for initiating this get together.  Looking forward to next time!



Consistency is really hard for me.  I try so hard and then fall out of habit, or life gets busy and I have to set things down.  My photo a day is still happening, I just haven't taken the time to post them all.

TJ and I have had a very fun, crazy, hectic, busy few months. LoL.  We have had opportunities open up for us that I am very excited about, and some other projects on the table that we are waiting on.  Life is exciting right now!

Below are some photos of life lately.

Love these new feather earrings from one of my dearest friends, Beka.

My shadows throughout the day.  <3

Was beyond excited when my Girl Scout order came it.  I believe I ate most of them myself. ha!

Last month we had a photo shoot in Hilton Head, this was our first time ever being there.  I fell in love with it!

My excitement after stepping onto the sand and seeing the beautiful ocean!


This is what Hilton Head looks like everywhere! <3

Our summertime treats, Bomb Pops!

A big purchase recently.....new macbook pro! Woooo!

Finally able to enjoy flip flops and the great outdoors!

TJ & I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  I woke up to these goodies!

On our anniversary, after an afternoon of photo shoots!

Anniversary dinner at Villa Antonio!

Last week was triple coupons at Harris Teeter.  This photo is of our Harris Teeter and Aldi trip.  Combined, all of this would have cost us $138, but after coupons we spend $70.  Sounds good to me!

Met up with a dear friend and her sweet boy for lunch! <3

Finally!  The night we have been waiting for since last Summer.  TJ and I had such a fun time being extras on the Hunger Games movie.  Opening night we went to Concord Mills AMC to watch the movie with a theatre full of extras on the IMAX screen.  It was great!  And we saw ourselves!

Can you tell we were excited?

Photo booth set up at the theatre.  

My Finn monster is getting so big! 38 pounds last week at the vet.

Zoe's FAVORITE thing to do.

The other day I went and had one of my favorite things done....a facial!! 

Finnegan & Moses.....exhausted from so much playing.

My anniversary flowers still look great!

I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!  About 3 minutes from our house, there is a Publix going up.

Well, that is a glimpse into what has been going on here lately.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic spring! :-)

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