After a crazy week of taxes, photo shoots, editing, and did I mention taxes?...it's always great to hang out with friends.  My adoptive sister, Leah, invited a bunch of us to Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.  Charlotte's very own brewery was celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and it made for the perfect occasion to get together.  I decided to take my camera along to get some great "friend" photos.  In reference to the "adoptive sister" comment above, Leah and I decided that she is a going to be an adopted Woodfin now (does that make sense? lol).  It's always great to adopt a new sister. :-)

Alisha (sister) & Leah (sister)

It's always great hanging out with my brothers, Jacob & Jamison. <3

Josiah (or Brosiah)...he's pretty much a brother too.  The guy in the back, definitely not a brother. ha.

Nicole showing us the attitude that she gave her cell phone carrier. LoL

Leah "Woodfin" Sizemore

 Congratulations, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, for 3 years of business.

Alisha & I - Friends to Sisters

Leah, you look so cute here!

Meet my brother, Jacob.


Alisha, I love you. lol

Fun Shot.


Didn't realize I got so many photos of them.  Guess I think they are cute. :-)

 Pretty positive we are some of the best looking siblings. lol
Thanks, Leah, for initiating this get together.  Looking forward to next time!

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  1. this is a super cute post- love all of the pictures, it shows what great friends you have and envy your hair, it's gorgeous <3


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