Our Dating Story

I really love when people ask me how I met my husband. As I begin to reflect on our first days together, I always get all mushy inside. :-)

4 years ago, this past June, TJ and I had a blind meetup at Pops in the Park. A mutual friend, Samantha, had spoken to each one of us about each other and just KNEW we needed to meet. It was a bit awkward knowing that we were meeting for the first time with all my family around and also knowing that we were meeting because a friend thought we should date. LoL. Yes, I did say that my whole family and even some close friends were there. TJ got a huge introduction that day. ha! I definitely thought he was nice looking, but I didn't know him at all, so my feelings were very mixed. After the concert, a bunch of us went to Cheesecake Factory. Conversations became very sarcastic and therefore I became very sarcastic, I know this made TJ think I was a jerk. haha. I'm sure he was wondering if he should even call me later in the week for a date. After that night I really did not know how I felt about him and I figured I would just wait for a call. Well, he did call and we had our first date at The Beantown Tavern in Matthews. **Sidenote: When TJ came to pick me up, he was introduced to my Grandma. (We had JUST found out that she was diagnosed with Cancer) She looked at him, smiled, and started to cry. I know it must have seemed weird to TJ at the time, but I really think she knew that TJ was going to someday be my husband. She passed away 5 months later and to this day I am so thankful that she met the man I would marry. She really loved him and even told him so.** I clearly remember being seated at our table and sitting across from him rather than next to him as I wanted to get a better look at him and see what he was like. LoL! After that night we had quite a few more "hang out" times with friends before he went on vacation to FL to visit his family. During that time I, too, was also going on vacation with family to Maggie Valley. TJ ended up cutting his FL vacation short by a couple days so that he and Samantha (the girl who introduced us) could come stay a night in the mountains with all my family. I remember being so nervous and excited that he was coming. There were like 12 extra family members he was going to meet (aunt, uncle, and cousins). That night that he came, we took a walk and he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was such a sweet moment. The very next morning he talked to my dad about us dating; I really respected TJ for doing that.

So that, my friends, is how our dating relationship started. He became my best friend over the next 2 years before we got engaged. I will definitely post our engagement story soon. It was a good one. :-)

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