Worley's Lighting @ West Elm

Yesterday TJ & I were headed off to photograph an event with another photographer in Charlotte.  But, before we did that, we wanted to stop by West Elm to support our friends, Seth & Shelli Worley.  They design and create beautiful lamps and rustic candle holders and were chosen to display their work at West Elm for an Etsy event.  I LOVE the Worley's Lighting and I cannot wait to add one of their Tobacco Stick Lamps to our home!  Another one of my favorites is the Pedestal Minimalist Table Lamp.  You should definitely check out their website and add some of their creations to your office, living room, etc. :-)

Aren't these amazing looking??

You will see on their site that you can also personalize the bottom of these great candle holders!

I can't wait to add something like this to our home.

I love how unique each lamp is.

Amelie's French Bakery was also there sharing their yummy goodies with everyone!

While there we also ran into my brother and sister in-law (and baby Selah)!

My photos are only a sneak peak of the amazing items Worley's Lighting has to offer.  When you go to their site you will be amazed and inspired.  Congratulations, Seth & Shelli!  We look forward to seeing more of your creations and the places your business takes you!

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  1. Those lightbulb lamps are freaking amazing!


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