I love yarn

This week I have been majorly inspired to finally get my crochet hooks and yarn down from the attic. I always put them up in the attic once it starts getting warm. For some reason I lose all inspiration to crochet when it gets hot. Well, it has definitely turned chilly and I feel like making things. One of my favorites from last year were a pair of handwarmers that I made. They did not take too long to make and they sure kept my hands warm. I made them in a rust color, but now I think I want them in many more colors. I started looking on Etsy for ideas and found the CUTEST items for babies. I am not a mom yet, but when I do become a mom I will definitely be rocking these items on my baby.

I absolutely LOVE these baby hand warmers.

All these crocheted items are available on Etsy through Sylver Designs

Alright, I'm heading up into the attic right now. Stay tuned for some of my own projects. :-)

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