Farmin' Update

Daily we are adding something to our garden (i mean "farm"), especially since this is the first week.  While running errands on Tuesday, we stopped at the Growers Outlet to check out what they had in the vegetable/ herb area.  We ended up picking up some cucumber plants as well as some chamomile and basil.  I am really excited about growing chamomile and drying the flowers for tea!!  It also makes for a great decoration in the kitchen, especially with it planted in my tea cup planter.  The basil we decided to plant in a glass pitcher that I had found at a thrift store last year.  I love using "non planter" type items.  It makes it look so much more unique and fun.

Look!  One of my hot peppers has sprouted!
Cucumber plant

I would be so appreciative if you wouldn't mind voting for The Yellow Pepper at Picket Fence Blogs by clicking on the link below.  One click is all it takes! :-)

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