Flower Pottin'

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Yesterday was one of my favorite days.  I planted lots of pretty flowers in pots for my deck.  I am creating a nice little spot for us to enjoy the outdoors and relax!

It's so funny how doing yard work, gardening, and weeding were definitely not on my "love" lists growing up.  It felt like a chore and i would have much rather been indoors doing something else creative.  Now that  TJ and I have started gardening, I'm LOVING it!  We were first focused on vegetables and fruits, but yesterday we purchased quite a few flower plans and herbs and I spent the day potting them.  It was so much fun and even better to see them all pretty on our deck.  I like to sit out there in the mornings and eat breakfast now. I've been here 2 years and I have never done this.  It's definitely a new season for me. :-)

I am going to start looking for some patio chairs and an umbrella for our table.  I keep looking on craigslist for that "golden" find!  If you have any leads on some nice chairs and/or an umbrella and base, let me know!

Anyway, here are some iphone photos I took yesterday after I planted my flowers.  I will get out there and take some better photos soon.
Everything we got at Lowes & Sugar Creek Garden Center



Iceland Poppy's.  I call it my ET plant. haha.

Here is the Iceland Poppy in bloom.  I was so excited to see it had blossomed over night!


Coffee Mug Begonias



As mentioned above, we went to Lowes & Sugar Creek Garden Center yesterday.  We had the BEST customer service at both places.  There was a master gardener at Lowes who was so helpful with information about our garden.  She even gave us a website for the York County Master Gardeners.  She said we can get info from the website as well as call them for help and advice throughout the week.  Here is the website, York Master Gardeners.  Because we were looking for something organic and safe to kill some maggots that killed our green beans (blog post on this to come...boo!), she referred us to the Sugar Creek Garden Center down the road.  Wow, it was so much fun and he employees were great.  We found what we needed and got some herbs as well.  I highly recommend this garden center!

Anyway, that was my gardening day yesterday.  I'm sorry it has been over a week since I had posted.  We have been so into the gardening and making Garden Center runs..ha!

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