As I mentioned in a couple earlier posts, we decided that we would build a compost area.  After looking online at all the different ways to build a compost pit or even the compost bins to buy, we decided to make one.  I can't wait to begin using our own compost dirt for our garden!!
TJ cutting the wood to attach to the fencing.
Stapling the stakes to the fencing.
We used zip ties to secure the wood and fencing after stapling each end together.
Our Compost Pile!
Mmmmm, tasty! LoL

I am so loving this whole process.  It is a learning experience FOR SURE.  It makes me excited for next year once we have a whole year of gardening under our belt.

I would be so appreciative if you wouldn't mind voting for The Yellow Pepper at Picket Fence Blogs by clicking on the link below.  One click is all it takes! :-)


  1. I love it! We used recycled, wooden pallets to make ours! <3


  2. That's a cool compost. We made one with worms=P We started a garden this year too=) May your plants be very fruitful and multiply!


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