3 weddings in 10 months

Did you know that both my brothers and I all got married within less than a year?  2008 & 2009 were definitely whirlwind years with wedding planning.  I love that we all were experiencing the joys of dating, engagement, and marriage within similar time frames.  I also love that my brothers married 2 of my best friends.

Jacob & Alisha started dating at in December of 2005, engaged in May of 2008, and got married in September of 2008.

TJ and I started dating in July of 2006, engaged in October of 2008, and got married in March of 2009

Jamison and Mallory started dating in August of 2006, engaged in June of 2008, and got married in July of 2009.

This photo was actually taken a month before Jacob and Alisha got married.  TJ and I were still 2 months away from getting engaged.  Crazy how fast time is flying now.  

Here is last years Christmas photo with all the married couples. :-)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! My husbands 2 sisters were married 6 weeks apart. My dear mother-in-law about lost her mind, lol....now it is many, many years later :)



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