Monday, you were a lovely one

Today was a terrific Monday!

Over the weekend, my mom, sister in-law, and I planned to have a girls Monday.  So, we met up today, grabbed lunch at Qdoba, and headed off to the best Antique mall in the area.  It is called The Depot at Gibson Mill and is 85,000 square feet of fun in Concord, NC.  It has about 4 HUGE warehouse size rooms full of booths.  I first found out about it because I was sent there to do a photo shoot earlier this year when they were barely even open (I think there were only one and a half rooms full).  Since then I had been there one other time and purchased some great finds.  Today I was super excited to find exactly what I have been looking for, which was whatever popped out to me and said "this will look amazing in your home". ha!  (That's really how I do majority of my decorating.  I mean I have an general idea of the feel I want, but I don't even fully know what I want until I see it.)  All three of us walked out of The Depot with some great finds.  Tomorrow I will photograph everything and show you.  I think what I am most excited about are some brass candlesticks that I am going to spray paint.  These are the first set of candlesticks that I have owned and I am super excited to have them grace my dining table when I am finished with them. :-)

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  1. My kind of day!! I am a huge fan of Qdoba and antiquing is about my favorite activity. Our local antique stores in our downtown district had their holiday walk last weekend...tons of fun and my dear daughter even when with me :)



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