Oh Snap, time is flying by...

Here we are on the first day of November. How did the year go by so fast? Oh snap, that’s what happens when you get older. Time is flying by at lightning speed and I’m only 27. Will I be 50 tomorrow and feeling like I was 27 yesterday??

We have been in wedding season this Fall and it makes me think back to our wedding more than normal. I feel like TJ and I just celebrated our wedding and journeyed off to Maui, and yet I feel like we have been married forever. So much has happened for us this year with our photography business and life. I can’t thank the Lord enough for providing me with a Husband, best friend, and business partner. We work so well together.

I have gotten the question a few times this week about how our first year of marriage has been. My answer: so great and fun. Yes there were adjustments and frustrations, but I had those before marriage and they will still come. But we didn’t have what the world like to call “a hard first year”. I remember my parents always saying their first year was great, and I’m blessed to say the same. I think it’s a mindset and choosing not to get hung up on stuff that doesn’t matter in the long run. We both let each other know of things we don’t necessarily like (I.e, like me accidentally leaving a wet towel on the bed. Lol) and we try are hardest not to do it anymore. Sometimes it’s those little things that will cause the most difficulty. I have to say that I laugh and have so much fun with TJ and that outweighs any frustration.

Thank you, Lord for giving me such a wonderful family and true friends. Time may be flying by, but at least we are all growing old together.

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