Day 5 of 10: Video Post

For Day 5, I thought I would post a video blog explaining my day.  Again, for those of you wondering, this is just a little challenge I am doing for myself.  I found myself skipping breakfast and then not taking the time to prepare healthy meals like I should be.  These 10 days are about eating better (including LOTS more fresh veggies and fruits) and getting some sort of work out in each day.  Even if it is something small each day, it is better than nothing.

Why does that have to be the face chosen for the freeze screen?  Oye! LoL

Breakfast: Here is the beautiful cafe mocha that I had today at Rush Espresso.  See the Palm Tree?  I did have a blueberry bagel with cream cheese also, but I forgot to take a photo cause I was so hungry. 

Lunch: Chicken Tortilla Soup. Leftovers are so great!

Dinner: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (recipe here), Salad, and strawberries

5 Days down, 5 to go.  
Feeling Great.

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