I'm behind on days 7 & 8

I realize I am behind on posting about Day 7 & 8.  I have been keeping up on my eating 3 meals and photographing them, BUT the exercise has been on the back burner.  WHY?  Because it is tax time and TJ and I have been spending our afternoons and evenings logging info.  It's a bit more involved when you are self employed. So, that's my story - not really an excuse as it is UBER important for us to work on taxes this week.  Also, my food has pretty much consisted of my leftovers that I made this week.  I made WAY too much for TJ & I, and we hate to let food go to waste.

We did go to my parents last night, after meeting with our accountant, and had dinner.    Our yummy meal consisted of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and strawberries! Mmmm.  It was a lovely dinner.

Anyway,  I will be blogging some fun things soon.  I just need to finish up this dreaded chore of taxes.

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