Ireland Adventures: Part 1

Out of 10 days in Ireland, there are literally so many stories I could tell.  It would almost be easier to do video blogs rather than written due to the fact that I could ramble on and on.  But, I'm not going to do that. ha!  Instead I will choose some highlights of the trip and focus on each one with a posting.  So, what shall I write about first?  I might as well start with one of the coolest Castles, which we actually saw on the first day that we landed.  Oh, and btw, we flew into Dublin, immediately met up with our coach driver (yes I said coach driver....it was heaven) and made our way to Belfast.  On the way to Belfast we stopped at quite a few sites, one being Trim Castle.  Before posting Trim Castle photos, I will also post photos of our journey there. :-)

So, for those of you who are not familiar with Trim Castle, it was actually a double for York Castle in Braveheart.  It was hard to really visualize where the scenes took place, but the Castle Tour Guide pointed out the areas that were used, and then when we returned home we watched the movie.  It is the remains of Ireland's largest Anglo-Norman castle and was built in in three stages, beginning in 1174 and completed in 1204.  To stand in a castle from the 12th century is completely mind blowing.  It is very frustrating in my mind, because I SO want to be able to visually see what it was like back then in person.  When I say that, I don't mean I want to live back then...I just want a glimpse.  It was very hard to live in those days.  Bathing was very scarce, and they would hang their clothes in an area where the fumes from (pardon my bluntness) their poop would get the bugs out of their clothes and prevent future bugs.  Yes, this is what the Royal people would do....it was not all fine linens and beautiful clothes....it was dirty.  But, nevertheless, it was an amazing castle with the most beautiful views of the surrounding countryside land.  The greens are SOOO green in Ireland.  

 This was our awesome bus driver, Don, with Paddy Wagon!

Trim Castle
 Notice how bundled up I was?  It was cold...don't be fooled by the guy in shorts. ha!
The views from the Castle were breathtaking!
They built the bridges so that we could experience what it was like on each level nowadays.
 Remember in Braveheart, when the King throws the Prince's lover out the window?  Yep, this was the room it was filmed in.  The window looks different in the movie...it is much narrower. 

That is Trim Castle!  It was amazing and I hope to visit again in the future.  I don't see how anyone could get tired of the history and scenery of the countryside.  Stay tuned for more photos and stories.  I am having fun reliving it, even after being their 2 weeks ago!

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