Handmade Cards

Over the past few weeks I have starting making my own cards.  I have always loved doing this and let the creativity flow with each creation.  Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to a card, and sometimes it is based on the person I am giving it to.  Either way, I have so much fun!  I wanted to show some of my creations.  Half of these have been sent out and received, and half have not been sent out yet....but they are already written and addressed.  So, someone reading this may be receiving a card soon. :-)
TJ let me use one of his little gadget organizers for all of my craft supplies.  This makes it SUPER easy to take everything out, make a mess, and then throw it all back in its little compartment in the storage bin.  I have all sorts of little random things to use and then every card has a personalized tag on the back that has my name on it.

This is what I have put on the back of every card.  They are fabric tags that my sister in-law gave me for Christmas.  I love them!

I have really been enjoying making these cards and blessing friends with mail!  I am trying to do a batch of cards a week.  I've been thinking about making some to sell on Etsy too.  I know there are so many shops on Etsy that sell Handmade cards.  But, maybe I will find some special people to sell them too. :-)  What do you think?  Should I start creating some for sale?


  1. these are so lovely and creative <3

  2. so cute!! love that second one so much.
    i think selling them on etsy is a great idea! i have loved having an etsy shop - it's been a HUGE blessing for me. if you need any help getting set up, let me know! i'd love to help. :) lora


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