Making Spanish Rice with Papa

Last Tuesday, Alisha, Gwen, and I went to the Brinkley’s house to learn how to make “real and authentic” Spanish Rice from Alisha’s Papa. It was so much fun! He actually started out by teaching us how to make good white rice. Man, the tips he shared made all the difference. After that he began teaching us to make spanish rice. It was really funny because he has made this SOOO many times that he doesnt need to measure anything out….whereas us girls were needing to figure out the measurements so we could make it right. LoL. He was so cute and was trying to help us figure out how many teaspoons of each ingredient should be put in. Below are some fun photos of the day. Definitely looking forward to another cooking day where Papa teaches us how to make the key ingredient to Spanish Rice, Sofrito!

Thank You, Papa, for sharing your recipe with us and for giving us a fun-filled afternoon!

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