Baby, I love your way

Today TJ and I were driving around town doing errands.  Being me, I asked TJ what he liked best about me.  He turned to look at me and said "I love your ways".  Thinking how sweet that was I then asked him what about my ways he liked.  He said "I just really love your ways".  We then kept talking for the next 45 seconds or so.  While I was sitting there, thinking about whatever random subject we were talking about, I started paying attention to the radio. The song clearly got my attention when I heard Peter Frampton's voice singing the lyrics "Oh baby I love your ways".  My head turned to TJ so fast with a look of question and he immediately started cracking up SOOOO hard.  I then started cracking up too after I realized what he had done. The song must have only been on seconds when i asked him the question.  Being his quick witted self, he was able to play out the joke so smoothly in hopes that I would catch on; I did. haha. The timing of it all was so great.  It played out like a tv sitcom.  After I laughed, I then told him that he owed me big time for doing that. Ha!

TJ always knows how to make me laugh and I love that so much about him.

Here is the song that had me going this afternoon. LoL

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