I'm living my dream job...

My husband, TJ, and I own a photography business, in Charlotte, NC, called Charlotte Photography. It was always my dream to be a photographer, and better yet, work along side my husband. I was blessed, indeed.

People ask how long I have been taking pictures, and it gets harder and harder to give them an answer. It has become so much apart of me, and I hardly remember NOT taking photos. I really jumped head first into it when I was 15. My grandfather was an excellent photographer and had so much gear, as well as a dark room. I started toying around with one of his manual Nikon cameras and never set it down. From there I began taking local classes at the college and it went from there. I never knew I would actually do it for a living and have so much fun.

Aside from photographing families, events, and weddings, my hobby has been cooking and taking photos of my creations. I love locking myself in the kitchen and seeing what kind of creativity comes out of it. An inspiration of mine for food photography is Once Upon a Plate. It is such a beautiful blog, full of recipes and photos that will make you drool. I have since begun communicating Mari, the creative eye behind Once Upon a Plate, and have had so much fun writing back and forth on facebook. Honing in on certain areas of photography has opened a whole new world for me and I am having so much fun.

While I am on the subject of photography, let me spread the word about a contest that Charlotte Photography is having for all our clients over the past two years. On Charlotte Photography's facebook fan page, there is a gallery entitled "Client Contest 2009/2010". In the gallery we have posted a photo from each of our client sessions and whoever gets the most comments at the end of two weeks will win a photo session for the 2011 year. To be a qualifying voter, you must "Like" Charlotte Photography and then comment on a photo in the contest gallery. It has been very exciting to see the comments pouring in after only 1 day. We have had so much fun with our clients and wanted to say Thank You for hiring us year after year. We have photographed so many wonderful couples & families that we now call friends.

In closing, let me post a couple photos from last nights Fall Festival. TJ and I had a photo booth and printed out photos on the spot for the kids and families. This was our second year doing this and we had so much fun. I think a tradition was definitely started. :-)

Me & my little furry girl, Zoe.

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  1. I am *dreeeaming* of the day that I get to return home and be a photographer, for real. :)

  2. Keep doing what you love! It will happen. :-)


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