Saturday's Little Things in Life

I feel alive today!  Nothing motivates me more than a beautiful day outside when I can open the windows.  I confess that I get pretty lazy when it is cold out.  My body doesn't want to do anything but cuddle up and watch a movie, read, or browse the internet.  I seriously don't feel like I get much done during the winter months.  I realized this today when I suddenly came alive and started to feel motivated about doing things around the house.  It felt great!  I started moving appliances around in the kitchen, scrubbing it clean, organizing, etc.....all while feeling the beautiful breeze from outside and listening to the neighborhood kids play.  I know this is a sneak peak of Spring, but I am so thankful for it.  I needed it so much!

Below are some snap shots of some of my favorite things in my kitchen.  The little things in life bring a smile to my face.  

These beautiful flowers are from Josiah & Nicole for my Birthday, such a wonderful surprise!  The candle sticks are some that I picked up at an antique store and spray painted them purple. love!

This coffee is SOOOOOOO yummy.  I first tried it in Jersey at my in-laws house over Christmas and then couldn't wait till the day I got a Keurig! :-)

Grapefruit - enough said!

These just look so pretty in my kitchen!

This was from a photo booth at our cousins wedding in FL.  It's displayed proudly on our fridge!

My little coffee station!  

My Birthday Gift!

These purple bottles are one of the most unique and favorite things in my kitchen.  They are from the late 1800's to early 1900's and originally clear.  One of the ingredients these bottles were made with was manganese and would cause the bottles to turn shades of purple in sunlight.  Apparently they will continue to get a deeper shade over time when exposed to more sun.

Pot Holders - love the colors!

Reusable Produce bags!

My mother in-law gave me this great apron for Christmas.  Can't wait to use it!

My mom embroidered dish towels for all 3 of us girls.  I also have one with my initials (it is in the wash though. hehe)  Love these!

A clean kitchen does my heart good!

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I hope this weekend makes you feel alive and back on track like it did for me!

All the best,

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