Day 2 of 10

Yesterday was my Day 2, but we ended up helping some great friends move into their new home, and it was too late when we got home to sit down and blog.  So, here is my second blog of my personal challenge.

Working out was done first thing when I woke up.  I joined TJ for his P90X KenpoX workout.  I did about 75% of the dvd and I sure felt it!  For the past 2 months TJ has been doing P90X and I am so proud of him.  He started muting Mr. Tony Horton's voice and began listening to the bible on cd while doing the workout.  Yesterday we listened to Proverbs as we worked out and ate breakfast.  It's amazing the scriptures impact when listening vs. reading.  I also had a very great photography job scheduled during the workout too.  Thumbs up for my Friday morning beginnings!

Here is a little video of my KenpoX.

My breakfast: Oatmeal & Strawberries

Later on in the day, I met my mom, my sister in-law, and her mom, at Big Daddy's for lunch.  It was a super yummy meal and great company.
This was a great Western Burger w/ onion strings, monterrey jack cheese, and bbq sauce with a side of sweet potato fries! Mmmmm.  Mom and I actually split this burger.

Me & my Momma

Mallory & her Momma

Thanks to my Momma for these adorable Owl salt & pepper shakers.  (It was an anniversary gift.)

 Afterwards we went to the new coffee house, Rush Espresso, for a yummy cafe mocha.  For the month of March, all lattes are 50% off too, major perk!! :-)

See the faded heart on top? hehe

It was a fun afternoon!

I came home in the afternoon and edited video clips that I took of the day TJ and I spent in Wilmington earlier this week for our anniversary.  You can see that here!

TJ and I went to help some friends move into their new home.  They had pizza for us, so I made a salad at home and then had a couple slices of pizza from Carmella's.

Oh, and my water intake was about the same as yesterday, two nalgene's worth.  All in all - great Day 2!

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