Happy Anniversary to Us

Here is a glimpse into our anniversary adventures. We left North Myrtle Beach and first headed to Southport, NC. A super cute and quaint little beach town. Population 2500.

While in Port City Java, I began talking to a local and was informed of a tv show being filmed down the block. Being curious, we headed to the site to see what was up. Ends up they were filming a new pilot for ABC called Revenge.

It was pretty neat to watch for a bit. Felt like we found a hidden treasure today. :-)

After Southport, we headed up the Cape Fear coast to Wilmington, one of my favorite places. I will also admit that I have fun going there because one of my favorite tv shows, One Tree Hill ( seasons 1-6 only) is filmed there.

Looking out over the Cape Fear.

An awesome key fence along the street.

Dining at the Front Street Brewery. Mmmm.

Me in front of 'Clothes Over Bros'. A location from One Tree Hill.

Taking a coffee shop break.

A great scenic restaurant along the River.

Downtown Wilmington behind us.

The "River Court", as seen on One Tree Hill.

I have more photos and even a video I am going to put together of our day. It was a fun and relaxing day with my hubby.


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