My 10 day challenge

Ok, so beginning tomorrow I am going to begin working out, eating 3 full meals a day, and taking care of myself better.  I am one of those people who typically skip breakfast, but I have been reading lately about all the health benefits of starting out the day with a morning meal.  (I will post these benefits soon).

Here is my public pledge.

For 10 days I am going to post daily...
  • photos of my meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • explain my my workout for the day
  • keep track of the ounces I drink in water.
Why am I doing this?  I want to feel healthy, energized, and live long. Why else? :-)  I am also going to Ireland in May, and I want to be in great shape.

Why 10 days?  I am starting with a small goal that seems doable.  Too many times I quit before I begin because it seems TOO big.  Ten days feels good and by blogging about it daily, it will keep me motivated.

Here's to tomorrow.  Cheers!

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