Our Engagement Story

Lets go back to the year of 2008.  TJ had been talking to Mark Mathis, of Public Radio, and had heard they were going to be out in LA for a couple of showcases.  With us just beginning our photography business, he thought it could be a great opportunity to photograph them, see LA, and hang out with friends.  TJ ran the idea by me and of course I was super excited about the idea.  Never had I been to the West Coast before.  One of TJ's roommates at the time, Joel, also decided he would like to be apart of this trip.  So, we all booked our plane tickets, found some friends to stay with, and headed to LA ( it was the last week in September).
While we were out there we photographed the two showcases that Public Radio had, did some band shots for them, saw the sites of Hollywood, and just had a great time.  We saw a lot, took a ton of photos, laughed, and ate good food. All in all it was shaping up to be such a fun vacation.

We stayed with a friend who lives right on Malibu Beach, with one of the most beautiful views EVER from his condo.  I remember waking up pretty early on the day we were to fly home.  I began packing and making sure I had everything ready to go.  When I walked out the the living room, TJ asked if I wanted to take one last walk on the beach before heading out.  Of course!  How many times will I be able to see the sun rise in Malibu?  I wasn't dressed special at all, my hair was wet and pulled up, but I was happy and ready to go for a walk.

***Side note.
We had been dating for over 2 years, so I had no idea when we would get engaged.  I knew it was going to happen as we had briefly spoken about our future together.  He did know my ring size because we had been at Jared's with some newly engaged friends, and TJ thought it would be fun to try a ring on.  Oddly enough, I was the one freaking out inside.  But, i tried a ring on and we had both decided we liked the something simple as I have tiny fingers. LoL.  So, he knew my size and what I liked.....but, it was definitely still a mystery as that was 9 months prior to our trip to LA.

Back to Malibu beach.
We started walking on the beach, soaking up our last moments in CA and glad to be enjoying it together.  Being photographers, we obviously always have our cameras with us...actually let me rephrase that, TJ always has the camera with him. (why carry mine when he has his. ha)  So, TJ had his camera bag around his shoulder, we stop and are just looking out at the beautiful ocean, the sun is coming out, and it's so peaceful.  Oh, and I forgot that he had already taken his camera out and was snapping photos of me.   All I remember next is that he is kneeling and holding a rose.  Now this wasn't a real rose, but the kind of rose that was velvet and opened like a box.  (He had given me jewelry in it before, so it was very special.)  I stood in shock - the moment I had been waiting for was here!  When he handed me the rose he also asked me if I wanted to be his roommate!!  (FYI, I would always say that I wanted to be his roommate, which was me hinting at wanting to be married to him..ha.  So this was a fun and special way for him to propose) I immediately knew this meant he wanted me to be his wife and said YES!!!  My heart was pounding so hard as he put the ring on my finger.  It was gorgeous and I was glowing.  We then took lots of photos and walked back to tell everyone back at the condo.  I couldn't believe I was going to marry my best friend...it was my dream for so long, and now it was coming true.

After we called all our family and announced the news, we headed to the airport and enjoyed the excitement and let it set in.  On the plane, I remember the sunlight hitting my ring just perfectly that it reflected sparkles all over the wall and seats in front of us.  It was such a special moment! :-)

That is the beautiful story of how the man of my dreams asked me to be his wife.  I couldn't have imagined it any other way.  Best "Yes" I ever said.

Here are some photos from that week leading up to the engagement.  Can't believe that was 2 1/2 years ago.  Time flies when you're in love.

BTW - If you want to read a great article about Public Radio and the upcoming project they are working on, check out BohoBabyBump's fantastic interview with Public Radio here!

Here are a couple of the photos we took of Public Radio.  It was such a great experience being there for their label showcase!

We toured Hollywood on a double decker bus!  

The Special Day!

So happy and in love

So that is the story of how I became the fiance of such a wonderful man - or should I say how he snagged such a beautiful lady as his fiance. hehe!

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