Lefse Day with Mom

For any of you who are of Scandinavian heritage, you will probably know what Lefse is.  Lefse is one of the yummiest holiday treats.  Of course it doesn't have to be eaten at the holidays only, that's just usually when we eat it. :-)  The easiest way to explain it is that it's almost like a potato tortilla, but thinner.  We like to spread a little butter on it, sprinkle with sugar, and roll it up.  OMG, it is like tasting heaven.

This past holiday season, I joined my mom for making homemade Lefse.  She ordered a couple of the tools needed for making it, and we set to work.  It's really a lot of fun and it ended up being so much quicker than we thought it would be.  Below you can see photos of the process.  Anyone interested in making Lefse can watch a video here.  It is very basic video, but very helpful.  Also the website has lots of resources and other helpful articles.

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  1. A taste of heaven, for sure. I am positive there will be lefse in heaven!

  2. Looks delish :D There is lots of Norwegian on my husband's side so I was very interested in this dish. His Grandma used to make it. Really enjoyed the pics. Helps me to understand the process.

  3. 1. you blog looks FABULOUS. Like for reals, amazing. 2. i love your food goody posts. 3. this post make me miss my momma. <3


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