Maui = Honeymoon Pt. 1

We got married on a Saturday afternoon and did not leave for our honeymoon destination until Monday.  I really enjoyed not having to rush off Sunday morning to catch a plane flight.  We were actually able to get all dressed up and go out for a really nice dinner Sunday night(call me crazy, but I cannot remember where. ha).  When Monday morning rolled around, we gathered our suitcases, packed the car, headed to the airport and flew off to....ummm, I had no idea!!  Yes, you are thinking correctly, I did not know where we were flying to.  We had a layover in Tx and NOWHERE was it mentioned from Charlotte to TX where the connecting flights were going to.  Once we pulled into the gate at TX the pilot started naming off the gates where people needed to go to get to their final destination.  That is when I heard "Maui".  I turned to TJ with a huge smile on my face.....we were going to Hawaii!  He was so surprised that we were able to get to TX without me knowing.

Hawaii was a place that neither one of us had been to.  Actually, let me rephrase that...Hawaii was actually a place TJ has never been to. ha!  It was a new adventure for us both.  We stayed at a hotel called The Maui Prince.  It was gorgeous and our room had the most amazing view.  We were truly on vacation.  No cell phones, busy schedules, people to see.  It was just us and the beautiful Hawaiian culture.  

We did quite a few road trips around the island.  There was so much to see, and I know we didn't even scratch the surface of what we could have seen.  The road to Hana was probably one of our favorite days.  It is this road that leads you to many water falls, bamboo forests, and picturesque views galore!  Between each road trip day, we would have a beach/pool day.  

One night we went to the Luau that was held at our hotel.  That was so much fun.  It was right before sunset, so we were able to get great photos.  

Now that we are approaching our 2 year mark as husband and wife, I am longing to go to Maui again.  Someday we will go back.  But, for now, I will just remember the good times we had and look at our fun photos!

More photos coming tomorrow. :-)

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  1. these photos are so great! you are so pretty :)
    i love that long striped dress. so cute! it was really great to meet you today at the shower. love your blog! come check mine out when you get a chance. (eagerhands.blogspot.com)


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