Personal Challenge: Day 3 of 10

Here I am at Day 3.  So far I have eaten and documented 9 meals, worked out 3 times and guzzled lots of water.  I feel great and I'm feeling motivated to follow through with my little challenge.

Yesterday was a very rainy and cozy day.  TJ worked on his guitar pedalboard and I blogged, made us a waffle lunch, and made some yummy Lacy Oatmeal cookies (recipe here).  For dinner we were invited over to Jamison & Mallory's house (my brother and sister in-law) along with all of the family for a spaghetti dinner.  It was amazing!  Both Mallory and Alisha are running a marathon in April, and they needed to eat a pasta dinner in preparation for their Sunday training of 18 miles!! Yikes.  I can't imagine running 18 miles, but I am so proud of them!
We ended up getting home late last night and I had still not worked out.  I so wanted to just ignore it and get in bed.  But, I decided to do sit-ups.  I did 6 different sets of 20.  Something is better than nothing...can I get an amen?! :-)

Here is a photo of Mallory & Alisha today after their 18 mile run. Thankfully it didn't rain!

Breakfast: Raisin bran, bananas, & strawberries

 Lunch: Waffles (made from Trader Joes Pancake Mix - AMAZING) & scrambled eggs 
(I forgot to take a photo before I started eating)

Dinner: Spaghetti, Salad, & garlic bread

Bon Voyage, Day 3.  Hello, Day 4!

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  1. the spaghetti looks amazing and a salad isn't a salad without feta! how much water are you drinking a day and does it make your workouts feel better? I found in my work outs that if I drink water before I work out, I feel really kind of sick to my stomach. Water happens to make me feel more on the bloated side anyway (tmi), so I'm at a stand still.


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