The Petrino Garden: Setting up

I am REALLY excited about gardening with TJ.  I think that with educating ourselves on "natural" and "organic" ways of doing things, it has really spurred me on.  In the past I have not been the best at following through with the upkeep of plants and gardens.  But now I truly want to learn gardening.  We have even talked about starting a compost pile, and even someday learning to can our vegetables and fruits.  I have been doing some research on compost piles and have talked to a couple people who have composted for years.  We just need to figure out the method we want to use.

A friend of ours sent me a link to yesterdays Elijah List after I posted about wanting to start a compost pile.  It was written by a lady named Ching Co, who lives in the Philippines.  Coincidentally, part of the article spoke about composting and not wasting things.  It really spoke to TJ and I.

· Waste not, want not. Be a good steward of everything that God has given to you (time, talent, people, resources). Pay special attention to His cycle of life and apply them in your daily living. What that means is that you must respect God's order and learn from it. Especially on the personal and household level, learn not to waste anything. Even though the value is insignificant, it is the HABIT that He wants us to LEARN.  Go back to the old ways, where people learned the habits of composting, using it to fertilize the land, then planting their own garden. Learn of ways how to improve use of water and electricity. In short, learn TO LIVE the mantra of REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.

I loved that!  It is exactly what TJ and I have been feeling and are beginning to do - and then that message came to my inbox last night.  

Anyway, TJ has built the raised garden bed, tilled the ground, and now we are filling it with soil.  I think we will probably begin planting tomorrow!!  I actually have planted some of my seeds in egg crates for now (the hot peppers and sweet peppers).

Here is what we are going to plant
  • 2 types of lettuce
  • Roma & Heirloom Tomatos
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Variety of hot peppers
  • Green Beans
  • Sunflowers ( I am actually going to plant these along my back porch railing.

I will be documenting our farmin' journey on The Yellow Pepper.  So, please keep reading and feel free to offer any advice you may have.  I would LOVE to hear from you. 

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  1. This is amazing and I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see the great garden goodies that come from yours and hubby's green thumb <3! And oh lady, the joys of getting to cook with your own produce!!

  2. Thanks, girl! I am super excited. I cannot wait to eat salads and yummy meals with our own garden goodies!


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