What to wear to Prom tonight

As some of you know, TJ and I have been involved with the senior class at CSCL.  In May we will be going to Ireland with them on their class trip.  Well, a few weeks ago we got asked by the 11th grade class to be chaperone's for Prom.  It will be at a vineyard about 30 minutes from here.  It should be fun.  I never went Prom my Sr. year, so this will be my first.  Maybe I will get the hubby to dance a couple dances with me. :-)

So, tonight is the night.  I have not completely decided what I will wear, but I am not stressing either as it is not my Sr. Prom and the kids won't be paying much attention to the chaperone's. haha!  Luckily I have a couple really pretty bridesmaid dresses from both of my brothers weddings or an above the knee black lace dress.  Depending on what my mood is in a few hours, it will either be: a) Black lace dress w/ red heels OR b) Teal strapless dress (past the knee and flowy) with silver heels.  After typing that out, I am thinking black dress with red heels.  But, I shall see once I try them on.  As for my hair, oh my....i have no idea.  Anyway, I will definitely take some photos tonight and post about it. :-)

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