Prom & Yard Sailing

As mentioned yesterday, TJ & I were chaperone's at Prom last night.  It's quite a different experience being the "adult" there.  The kids had a blast dancing all night, it was a beautiful location, and yummy fruit and dips for eats.  The girls looked beautiful in their dresses and the guys looked very cool in their getup. I did not take part in dancing accept for the last slow dance TJ and I got up for.  It's just different being the chaperone dancing on the dance floor with teenagers....I can't really explain it.  All in all it was a great evening for the teens, which, was the goal.  Below are some photos during the night and a couple videos I took while I was sitting down and getting SOOO tired.
Excuse the mess around me. :-)
Low lighting = REALLY fuzzy photos on the iphone. 
Me & Romona (a teacher at CSCL)

So, this morning, after sleeping in from our late night at Prom, I had the urge to go find some yard sales.  I should have planned it better as I did not know where we should go.  So, we just drove around and found a few here and there.  No JACKPOT garage sales with everything we have in mind to find.  However, we did come across one with some decent books & one house that was selling a BIC 5'10 Surf Board.  We got the board for a good deal and will use it at the Myrtle Beach House.  I do not surf, but maybe this will spur me on to learn.  :-)

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