Farmin', Floppy Hats, & Warm weather

Saturday was such a wonderful day in the yard.  We got our garden bed ready and planted our seeds and tomato plants.  We felt like farmers!  With this being our first garden, we are obviously learning along the way and will learn so much more for next years garden.  It is fun!  I have never been a yard worker or lawn mower (due to the fact that i am allergic to cut grass), but I told TJ that working together on this garden makes me feel more "ownership" of our backyard.  Does that sound silly?
Anyway, after we planted the garden we dug up the grass in front of our back deck.  I bought organic sunflower seeds that I wanted to plant.  TJ did a great job of digging into the hard Carolina clay and grass and made a great area for me to plant the flower seeds.  I hope they grow nicely.  I think they will look so beautiful out back!  :-)
Later that evening we ended up getting a TERRIBLE storm that brought nickel to quarter sized balls of hail.  YIKES!  I knew we were supposed to get rain, but not this bad.  Our poor garden got a bit beat up. We are not positive whether or not our seeds were washed away and mixed into other areas of our garden (making a salad of a garden...ha).  It didn't look too bad and I think the seeds may have stayed in place, but our tomato plants got beat up.  Stay tuned to the post on what we did to help our garden in case our seeds were messed up.

Here are photos of our beautiful Saturday (before the storm).

 Dandelions in our backyard
 Our Crape Myrtle in bloom
They may be weeds, but they are beautiful yellow!
My Floppy Hat! :-)
I love Zoe's face here!  

It was a beautiful Saturday spent together.  I can't express how excited and thankful I am for the warmer weather.  I come alive when I am not shivering and bundled up!  Tank tops, cutoffs, and flipflops here I come!! :-)

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  1. I love all of the pictures, how exciting. And your floppy hat is fabulous :)


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