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Most of you probably know that my husband and I are photographers.  Our business is Charlotte Photography and we are located in Charlotte, NC (you probably knew that already based on our name, right? ha).  Most of our fan base has always followed CP on Facebook and it has been amazing.  We have now decided to dive deeper into the blogging world with our business.  I have been much better about blogging on The Yellow Pepper than I have been for Charlotte Photography (mainly because I keep up with the fan page more).  I would LOVE it if you would start following Charlotte Photography's blog and share it with your friends. TJ & I are both going to be writing articles as well as posting our most up to date photo shoots.  We will also do some fun posts where we will interview each other.  It should be really exciting.

Because blog posts are most entertaining when they have photos included, I thought I would share some photos of TJ & I that we snapped while doing a photo shoot at Mattie's Diner the other day.  Some photographers never get in front of the camera.  We don't have that problem. lol


  1. So cool you live in Charlotte. I love visiting that city. I'm a new follower :o)


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