Thunderstorms and Garden Progress

Wow, so tonight we were watching a movie when the craziest storm of the year arrived!  We had been having lightening throughout the night, but then the heavens opened up.  I quickly became worried about my two hanging flowers pots on our porch because they are both housing bird nests.  One has baby birds, and the other has 3 eggs.  The planters were swinging so much with the wind and all I could imagine was waking up in the morning to something not so pretty. :-(  So, we took each planter down and placed a crate over the top of it.  Then we made sure everything else around our yard was ok.  The sunflowers were still secured to our deck from the other night when we had a storm.  The rain was coming from every directions, there was quarter sized hail, and winds that were so strong.  Zoe, does not like loud storms either and does not hide the fact that she doesn't. ha!  It has now calmed down and our flowers are hanging back up so that the momma and papa birds can protect their nests again.

I thought I would also share some of our most recent garden photos.  Everything is coming along great and the sunflowers are doubling by the week.  Enjoy!

 They should be blooming any day now!
 Cucumbers are taking over!
Roma Tomatoes
 1st of the season!
 Our farm dog!
Our herb garden.

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  1. oh my!! everything looks so perfect and delicious. way to go Petrino's!


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