Ireland Adventures: Part 3

One of my FAVORITE places we visited in Ireland was the castle in Dunamase.  It dates back to the 12th century, and it is SO beautiful.  We were on our last leg of the trip and headed towards Dublin when we stopped to partake in the beauty at Dunamase.  It was an amazingly beautiful afternoon too.  Upon arrival, I headed down the walkway towards the castle with the Avvett's playing on my ipod, the sun shining in my face, and beauty surrounding me.  While on the grounds of the castle, I was able to look out and see miles of beautiful country side.  I was given a full dose of magnificent Irish creation!  Again, I could not stop thinking about the history that took place on this land and who's feet had once walked this land.  Since being back, I actually prayed that the Lord would give me a dream that would take me back like a time machine. :-)

Here are photos of Dunamase.  No photo can truly recreate the moment, but it will give you a glimpse.

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