Sweet Thursday

Today was a fun day.  Yes, we worked, but it was fun too. :-)  Charlotte Photography had a few photo shoots scheduled today at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte.  They were restaurant shoots, which almost always results in us getting to eat the yummy food that we photograph.  So, needless to say, we did not have to buy lunch!  

After our first shoot at The Saloon, we left with full bellies and began doing photos of the entire NC Music area.  Our next shoot was not until 2pm, so we wandered over to Mattie's Diner (which was our 2nd shoot) and decided to chill for a while with some milkshakes.  Upon walking into the diner, we were brought back in time by the 1948 built Jersey diner.  How cool!  The booths, the bar with the spinning bar stools, the coat rack on every booth, the jute boxes at every table, and customers interacting with the waitresses made this place very legit!  The story of the diner is printed on every menu, and it's a good one.  With my husband being a Jersey boy, he could definitely testify to the feel of a Jersey diner!  And the milkshakes, SOOOOO YUMMY!  I ordered a chocolate shake that made me so full and sleepy. ha!  When 2pm rolled around, we began our photo shoot and got to meet the owner and find out some more about the process of it being transported down here.  They made quite a few food dishes for us to photograph too.  Although I was full, I had to try the fried jalapenos and the fried Oreos.  Let's just say, I know what I will be ordering next time I go there.  So tasty but sinful at the same time.

Our final shoot led us to Bask.  This was a beautiful restaurant with some very yummy looking dishes and a great staff.  I look forward to going there sometime.  By the end of this shoot, we were exhausted.  Walking around in this heat today just knocked the energy out of us (probably that and the loads of food we ate).  I love spending the days with my husband.  It's always fun and he makes me laugh so much.  Glad we have this opportunity to work together and experience adventures!

Here are so of the my phone photos from the day.  Enjoy!

 At The Saloon
 At The Saloon
 This pesto pasta was AMAZING!
 Map of the area
 At Mattie's Diner!
 See the father and son in the background.  They were so cute!
 Me spinning at the bar! :-) Don't watch if you get motion sickness.
 My new favorite, Friend Jalapenos!
 Oh my, a Fried Oreo!

If you live in Charlotte, NC, you should definitely visit Mattie's Diner.  It is definitely a fun experience for the whole family.  The Saloon and Bask are also amazing restaurants that you should remember as well.  They are all in the same area of town at the NC Music Factory.

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  1. um lady- I have never been to any of these places but we are planning as I type to go to all three with the kids soon. we've been trying to find new and awesome idea's and great places to eat- we love diners <3 thanks so much, I am so excited!!


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