365 to 30: Day 3

Three days into this project and I am finding that I am excited today.  I am excited to learn more and better my photography skills.  Continuing to better a skill is something that is always great, especially when it is your profession.

So, today I got to photograph my favorite person, Thomas Jackson Petrino.  We have had so much rain lately that our backyard is so muddy.  I wanted to get a photo of TJ holding Finnegan, but Finn's paws were so muddy just from walking outside.  Oh well!

Day 3: January 27, 2012
It is always hard for me to find good photo spots when in a wide open area.  We have no trees in our backyard, so it was super bright.  I took this around 4pm in the afternoon.  Shot it at f4, 200 shutter speed, and ISO 400.  24-105L & 5DMark2

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