Easter Sunday: Part 1

The reason I have Easter Sunday in 2 parts is because it was a full day!  First we began the day at church where TJ played guitar for both services.  It was awesome!  I took a good bit of photos during the second service as well.  I will be posting them in the "part 2" of Easter Sunday. ha!

Part 1 consists of fun family shots taken at my parents house later on in the day.  It has become a lot harder to arrange all of our schedules and get together as a family.  So, it's always so much fun when it actually happens!  Aside from the "Woodfin" clan, we also had my new sister Leah, and Alisha's dad, Robin.  Alisha's mom was visiting her sister, so we didn't get blessed with her presence this time.  One thing that I LOVE about siblings marrying into other families is that I too have adopted them as my family as well.  The Brinkley's (Alisha's family) have been a part of our lives for about 15 years and it's been an amazing journey to see our families become one.

For lunch we had a wonderful smorgasbord of yummy foods that each of us made.  There was ham, my wonderful mac n cheese, fruit, salad, baked beans, and i know something else is missing.  It was all so delicious.  To top to all off, Mom and Leah both made desserts!  Leah made a WONDERFUL apple cobbler and my Mom made some really good angel food cupcakes with a mocha frosting. Mmmmm!!  One of the best parts was sitting out on their deck, soaking in the warm sun, and laughing together.  We managed to get some fun family photos as well.  Most of the time we only get a good (or decent) shot at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I think they turned out really great.

And then some funny ones! :-)
Can't wait to meet Miss Selah Harbor in August!
Doesn't Mallory look great?!
I got a new dress! :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. you look GORGEOUS in that last photo!! wow. :)


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