Garden State

I really just felt like titling this post "Garden State" and then including a great photo from the movie. :-)

This afternoon, after getting some work done, I decided to venture outside to pot the beautiful flowers that we purchased yesterday.  I'd been itching to pot some colorful blooms and make our front porch look pretty again this Spring.  The weather was just perfect today with the sun shining and the cool breezes.  I had so much fun getting my hands dirty.  It was even more fun to see my finished products.  I potted plenty of flowers to be able to put some in front and on the back porch. 

Love the colors!
I wonder if birds will come back and lay eggs this year?
So pretty!
I can't wait to watch them grow and bloom!
And this is what I looked like afterwards. LOL. 

Either this Fall or next Spring, I hope to make a garden bed in our front yard too.  This summer we will be very busy with photography, so we won't have much time to garden.  However I am already dreaming for later this year.  For now I will enjoy my beautiful potted plants and watch them bloom even more.  Actually, before I make you think that all we had time for this year was flowers, let me mention that TJ has had a Spring garden of lettuce.  It's wonderful to walk outside and pick your salad.  Mmmm.  I will post some photos of our lettuce garden later on.  

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. We also got outside and did some work. Dad mowed and I mulched half of my garden beds. I potted some flowers yesterday...and need to do some more...perhaps tomorrow. I LOVE SPRING! Proud of you, my sweet daughter....that you love making your home pretty...inside and out!


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