Oh Wednesday...

So today was a pretty great day. Not so much by how much was accomplished, but because I just feel like it has been a great day.

TJ & I met with Mrs. Hardiman to talk about the class trip to Ireland. Did you know we are going to Ireland in May for the CSCL Senior Class trip? We are going as chaperones and couldn't be more excited! The idea just sort of came about while we were spending the day with the Senior class for their class portrait day. It was then approved by the Principle at the school, and voila! TJ actually spent a year in Ireland during college, studying archeology and castles. So, needless to say, the kids flipped out about that and definitely wanted us on board (not to mention the free photography, lol). We have 6 months to help the kids raise as much money as they can through different fundraisers, and get them as excited as possible (yeah right, like that element isn't there already. ha). If you happen to think about the CSCL Seniors, please pray over the provisions and guidance of the trip! Thanks. :-)

After our meeting about Ireland, we went and did a few errands. But, what is an errand day without a thrift shop stop? We stopped at my favorite thrift shop around, Value Village. It is to the point that I wave at the staff while walking in because they recognize me. I love it. I found a few goodies that I am really excited about. (Let's just say that there may be a vintage giveaway coming up soon!!) I think I will post some photos of items I have found in the past at Value Village for myself. You will love them. Stay tuned.

We actually had an engagement shoot that we rescheduled today due to the rain. I am really excited about the location of the shoot, it's going to be beautiful.

Sooooo, what did I do when I got home from errands on this rainy afternoon? I put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dvd and took a nap throughout the movie. I know I sound super lazy, but you have to understand that we edit photos at all hours of the day. We wake up and edit, and edit until the late night hours. It's just the way it is. I just got up about an hour ago as TJ was leaving to go play music at The Well with his buddy Jason. I now feel refreshed and ready to start editing a family shoot we did over the weekend. But first I must put some Orange Chicken in the oven (yes I do mean the Trader Joe's Orange Chicken) and possibly watch an episode of one of my shows from last night. :-)

Let me leave you with the a class photo of the group we will be taking to Ireland. Talk about a great group of kids with so much life and creative talents!

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  1. Ha! We had orange chicken tonight, too...like mama like daughter! Yum!


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