Things that make me smile and happy!!

Since returning from Ireland, TJ and I have been oober (I like that word. ha) busy with work.  We have had a wedding, we've met with lots of clients for upcoming weddings, we've been editing photos, and also just getting back on a routine after 10 days of adventures in Ireland.  So, I really haven't taken much time to  sit and read blogs, get my creativeness flowing, etc.  Just recently I finally joined Pinterest after many friends kept telling me how much I would love it.  Well, they were right.  I have only just begun to really dive into all.  But, this morning I did, and here are some things that made my creative heart leap!

So, I really could keep going with photos and ideas that I love.  I wish I could snap my fingers and apply all these great ideas to certain areas of my home. haha.  But, then again, it's all about the journey, right? 


  1. Oh, my! I love these things! I love the hanging lamps! I want one if T.J. wants to make some for Christmas or birthday gifts!!!LOL

  2. um hellooo lady. I absolutely everything you have posted, this made my entire night <3


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