365 to 30: Day 9 through 15

Wow, I got WAY behind in blogging my daily photos.  Being out of town completely gets me off schedule and out of my groove.

Day 9: February 2, 2012
We were in Virginia for a worship conference, Throne Zone, and TJ was apart of the band.  One of my favorite things is to watch and listen to TJ play music. 

Day 10: February 3, 2012 
 One of the 3 amazing backup singers.

Day 11: February 4, 2012
 This little girl brought me so much joy through her dancing.  It was powerful!

 Day 12: February 5, 2012
And what's a trip without a self portrait in an elevator? LoL

Day 13: February 6, 2012
The sunset was BEAUTIFUL the other night.  

Day 14: February 7, 2012
I have started allowing Finnegan to sleep in the bed with us.  I know that is probably a huge no-no in some peoples houses.  But, hey, as long as he is clean...why not?

 Day 15: February 8, 2012
Yesterday my friend Beka and I got together to make some Valentine garland for an upcoming tea party we are having.  I was SOOOO happy how this turned out.  It was so fun to make.  Thank you, Pinterest!

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  1. We are wondering if Zoey is jealous of Finnegan sleeping in your bed and not her...and what about Jack (Mike's best dog friend)!!!!!!!!!!:O)


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