Birthday Celebrations

The other night TJ & I had a birthday game night for me! :-)  It was simple and lots of fun.  I actually really enjoyed putting everything together and working ont he little details.  I made these super cute paper cones to hold popcorn.  In trying to decide what I would use to hold each cone, I remembered I had a turn style spice rack holder that I don't use much at all.  It was PERFECT for holding each cone.  Unfortunatley I do not have many photo of the night other than some of the snack table and a few TJ took of me blowing out my candle.  However if you look closely to one of the photos, you will see why I have such funny expressions throughout the photos.  Oye! LoL.  Oh, and I feel really bad for not getting photos of the amazing cupcakes that my sister baked for me!  (If anyone took any, I'd love to have them...hint hint....Mom? Alisha?)

 Thank you Pinterest for always giving me good ideas! :-)
 One of the 3 antique blue ball jars that I received for my birthday! (Thank you mom & Bohobabybump)
Yummy Yummy strawberries that my mom brought along with a great homemade fruit dip.
 Ooh, and see that salsa?  It's homemade and my fav!
 Got this great pitcher from my brother and sister in law for a wedding gift!
 How fun is this air popper?
 I love setting up tea and coffee stations!
I couldn't find my candles! haha!

Afterwards we played a REALLY fun game called Time's Up.  This was only my 2nd time playing it, and we may have had too many people (17), but I think everyone had a good time still.  I am thankful for having such great family and friends surrounding me.  I am a very blessed girl!

Anyone see what I was reacting to? LoL!

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